For years I’ve been pondering the current state of the world that we live in. This Planet has plentiful beauty, such as the way a honey bee so perfectly complements a blossoming flower, with both organisms benefitting from each other. And yet our modern way of life seems to not have found its niche in the natural world. It troubled me so much to see the vast waste of resources used to move unnecessary items around the globe when most of everything we need can be found in our own backyards, that I decided to do start my own gardening business.


Since 2006, I have been researching ways to change my life to be more attuned to the planets natural order. Funnily enough, the majority of research has pointed towards the knowledge held by the indigenous peoples of this planet and their traditional practices of taking only what they need and ‘treading softly’. This was done for millennia, way before the advent of the ‘carbon footprint’.


When I garden, I try to combine this knowledge, my own observations and the desires of my customers to form a sanctuary for a more harmonious lifestyle of the gardens owner. 

Things that I think make a really great garden include:


  • Spaces for leisure, entertaining and relaxing. I think having different areas of interest in a garden gives a garden that
    ‘magic feel’, especially when you feel you can get lost
    amongst the landscape.


  • Local indigenous plants that are adapted to the local environment so require little to no maintenance and once established, no water. These also provide refuge for native animals that are under pressure from our ever encroaching
    urban sprawl.


  • Lots of food and building materials! From fruit and nut trees, vines, veggies, bush tucker, timber for structures and even weaving materials. Why buy food when you can grow it
    within arms reach? Why buy firewood or timber stakes
    when you can grow them onsite? Swapping excess produce
    with neighbours is a great joy and there are plenty of food
    swaps popping up all over the place. Check the friends 
    page to find one near you.

I  acknowledge  and  respect  the  traditional  custodians  whose  ancestral  country  it  is  that  I  live.  I  would  like  to acknowledge  those  Aboriginal  Elders  of  past,  present  and  future  and  their  traditions  that  are  both  life  giving  and  life  sustaining.

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