Not sure what kind of garden you'd like for your backyard? Perhaps the below descriptions will help you out...



Plants that grew before the land that your property now rests
on was cleared, grazed and urbanized. These gardens help encourage native wildlife to
re-populate, negating the affects
of our insensitive destruction
of their natural habitat.




Plants that require little to no fertilization or water and produce seasonal, vitamin and nutrient
rich dietary supplements.




The core of my vision, Californian oranges can stay in California
when you can grow your own
on your doorstep. Adapting to
a seasonal lifestyle brings one
a constant reminder of the passing of our planets cycles. Tune into
the majesty of the abundance of the earth beneath us by coaxing
a supplement or the entire food needs of you and your family
from the fertility you’ve helped
put into the soil.


I  acknowledge  and  respect  the  traditional  custodians  whose  ancestral  country  it  is  that  I  live.  I  would  like  to acknowledge  those  Aboriginal  Elders  of  past,  present  and  future  and  their  traditions  that  are  both  life  giving  and  life  sustaining.

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